Monday, June 28, 2010

Third Annual Microcephaly Convention

Okay, so it was HOT in Arizona. I just don't think people should live where it gets this hot! The heat definately wrecked havoc on a lot of the kids. My Peanut had a lot of seizures, as did many others I talked to. Besides the heat, the location was gorgeous! :)

Attempting a group photo. Go ahead and try and get this many kids to look in one direction, at one time!

Here are some pictures of Peanut with some of her new friends! :)

Isn't she beautiful! This little girl reminds me so much of Peanut. Her facial features, her beautiful eyes and eyebrows, that perfectly curly hair! :)

Another cactus. I had never seen so many types of cactus in my entire life!

Monkey wanted to pose by each and every one of them, LOL.

Lilly, after a swim. Isn't she cute!

My two babes under a giant cactus.

On Saturday night, we had a delicious barbeque dinner at the pool. They closed this entire pool for our group and played Spongebob and then the movie Up on the screen. It was so much fun!

Here is Peanut with Daddy after her final swim of the trip. :)
Little Lilly was hilarious! Her dad Leroy kept throwing her up in the air and she would laugh hysterically. It was great. :)
We saw a lot of wildlife around the resort. Lots of rabbits, quails, roadrunners, and other strange birds!
It was so much fun to hang out with other families whose kids are so similar to Peanut. Here we are sitting in the pool with Jacob, Damon, and Peanut! Oh, and yes, Monkey's toes. LOL
Peanut giving me a kiss in the pool.
Isn't she so sweet? I can't believe I'm posting pictures of myself online, in a swimsuit. Wow ... ;)

I swear the boy is half fish!

Monkey loved all the inner tubes and buckets and such that were around the pool.
Look at that happy girl! Peant loves the pool and loves it when you jump around with her and act really silly.
We bought her a WaterWay Babies neck ring at the convention. It was so much fun to play with!
This is Jacob on the left, Kyle in the middle, and of course Peanut on the right. Aren't they adorable together!

Peanut giving a big smile to the people who were signing us in the first day. She was happy to be around so many people!

Monkey loved hanging out on the balcony, playing DS.

The first night there was a dinner and a slide show. Before the slide show started, the screen saver playing over and over had this great picture of my Peanut on it! She got to be on the big screen all night while we ate dinner. :)

We had asked and paid for a fridge in our room, for Peanut's medications and formulas. It wasn't there when we checked in, so they had to bring it up later. It wasn't a big deal at all, but they left us these amazing chocolate covered strawberries and a "sorry" card later!
Even the elevator was fancy! :)

These cool Chipmunk statues were in the lobby where we registered for the convention and met up with everyone. How fun!This picture was taken outside of Walmart in Buckeye, Arizona. It was our first cactus picture. There is really no landscaping in AZ besides rocks and cactus!
I will post more about the convention itself later. I just wanted to get the pictures up while I had a few minutes! Peanut's bus just dropped her off from the first day of summer school, so it's back to the grind. My parents and sister are coming over for his birthday dinner tonite. He chose ribs, meatballs in my "special sauce", and prosciutto wrapped asparagas. Then we'll have leftover birthday cake from his party on Saturday. Those pictures will be coming soon! :)

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Becca said...

Looks like a really fun trip! Peanut has the most beautiful smile. :-) And so thoughtful of the hotel to make up for their missing fridge in such a yummy way...

Candace said...

I have been so excited to hear all about your trip. Might be something we would like to attend one day..not in Arizona though! LOL! Can't wait to hear more!

Colleen said...

Wow that looks like a fun time!! I'm glad you were able to connect other parents who have kids like Peanut. I'm sure Peanut enjoyed making new friends too!

Cathy said...

Thank you soooo much for the pictures and your trip looked like so much fun. The pool looks fantastic and I want to pull this PICC line just so Annabel can swim this summer. AGain thank you for giving us a glimpse of your summerfun!

The VW's said...

What a GREAT experience for your family!!! I'm so happy for you that you had this opportunity! Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures!

Oh, and I was just looking for a neck swim ring for I know what to google, so thanks! (He's going to hate it....but he needs to get used to the water sometime, right?!)

Love and Hugs!!!

Christy said...

Love the pics! It looks like the trip was a lot of fun. Sorry to hear that Peanut had more seizures, though. I hope things balance out now that she's home.

Becky said...

I'm still so sad that I missed it. Can't wait to see the video.

Junior said...

Oh I am so behind on everyones blogs. looks like you guys had a fantastic time. I absolutely love all the pictures. Hugs