Monday, June 14, 2010

Pictures from this weekend

Today is the first day of the last week of school! WAHOO! :) We are missing Thursday and Friday for the Microcephaly Convention, so we only have THREE days this week. Double WAHOO! :)

These are from our visit with Jaxson and family. It was so much fun, I hope hope hope they are able to move here soon! My Monkey boy gets along so well with their boys, and I feel like Lacey and Ray have been our friends forever. And Jaxson .. well that goes without saying. He's just so cuddly and loving. I had the best time holding him.

We went to a birthday party on Sunday, and this is how Peanut fell asleep. Looks comfy, doesn't it? LOL She is so flexible. This is proof that the Topamax isn't great ... she never sleeps and she falls asleep through-out the day every day now. When she wakes up it's usually in a seizure. For some reason she has them more in her sleep than any other time.

These last pictures are from Monkey's last day of tennis lessons. He has so much fun there, and maybe more so because he's usually the only boy! The other boy in these pictures is a friend of his who went with us to the last class. We are taking a break from tennis over the summer because it's SO hot on the courts, but will surely get him back into it in fall.

Peanut's school had their annual Special Olympics last week, it was so much fun as always. I will post those pictures when I get time to go through them! :) I am calling the neurologist first thing this morning, he wants us to come in and go over medication options. We need to decide between Banzel and Depakote. Depakote is not a great drug for Peanut because of her metabolic disorder, but it seems that we are running out of options here. I will post after that appointment!


The VW's said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe Peanut can sleep like that! She is talented!

Praying you can find a med that gets her seizures under control soon! Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

Junior said...

great pictures, yikes Peanut is one very flexible kid.

Junior has been on depakote for a couple years now and it has done wonders. We do have to keep an eye on the levels and gets labs frequently so I can sure see where her metabolic issue could make it not the best drug for her.
Good luck and we will be praying

Heather said...

Catching up on the last few post.HATE that seizures are rearing their ugly head... I SO HATE SEIZURES.For my child or anyone's child.So absolutely unfair that their bodies are assaulted by them and that is exactly what it is,an assault.Hoping and praying that a new cocktail will rid her of them once and for all.Praying hard for an uneventful trip as well.

*The Rugg family are heading her later for a quick visit.Need to get a Jaxson fix!

Candace said...

I know it's so hard to live with those stupid seizures. Almost all of Faith's seizures are when she is first waking. Some kids, according to the neuro, are predisposed to having them during that in between sleep and awake cyle. That is the witching hour for Faith, in between 5 and 8 am. Cute pics of the kids!

AZ Chapman said...

thanks by stoping by my blog I like Peanut's purple wheelchair