Sunday, July 5, 2009

Waiting and waiting and waiting

Evidently the urologist isn't going to call me about the spinal MRI or the letter I faxed him. Good thing we have an appointment this Wednesday with him! It is supposed to be an appointment to go over the VCUG results, and plan the Mitrofanoff surgery. Only I am not ready to plan the surgery, without a full spine MRI.

What I told my husband I am going to proprose is this. Admit my Peanut to the hospital. Then do the MRI as an inpatient, because it doesn't take 2 weeks of authorization process that way, and another 2 weeks of scheduling time. She could have the MRI done inpatient immediately, and then we can go from there. We could either find a spinal or chiari defect, and fix it. Or we could NOT find anything from the spinal MRI, and we could go ahead with the Mitrofanoff.

Either way, being inpatient to begin with would make this process much quicker.

Cross your fingers that the urologist is open to my suggestions!!


Lacey said...

I agree, inpatient gets things moving so much faster. I would definitly do that.

Junior said...

It can be so frustrating waiting on tests and approvals, etc. etc.
Good luck and sometimes inpatient is the best way to go.