Saturday, July 25, 2009

Still in jail .....

All of Peanut's blood and urine came back okay, still waiting for the urine culture. They don't expect anything will grow though because her white blood count was only a teeny tiny elevated. They are thinking that she is at the tail end of some virus (with no symptoms all last week except gagging, retching, puking I guess?). There are lots of ketones in her urine, which they tell me makes you naueseaus. I can never spell that dang word. LOL

We are starting back on feeds this morning, but we have to start low. She will start at 30 cc/hr and go up by 5 cc's each hour until 50 cc's. She has to run for 16 hours total to get a full day's worth. Unfortunately, if you do the math, that means she will end her feed in the middle of the dang night tonite. Meaning one more night guaranteed. Blech.

Our hospital has a huge swine flu outbreak. They told me that half of the med/surg beds right now are swine flu! So the only people allowed to visit are parents. Not even siblings! This is making it difficult to switch between my husband and I watching Peanut, because what do we do with Monkey during that time? He's not allowed to stay in the lobby alone, and he's not allowed to go up to the floor. We can't leave Peanut alone in her room or she screams until she's retching (which they will say is a recurrance of her admit problem, not just normal Peanut behavior of course!). My parents who are my normal babysitters during hospital stays are on vacation. This is a pickle!

So that's where we are. Luckily her Upper GI showed that although the fundo is loose, it is intact. There was no reflux on the test, and thank heavens there was no hernia anywhere! This means no repeat fundo. YAY!

Please pray that Peanut tolerates her feeds well and we get to go home soon. Honestly, if she tolerates her feeds and is done at midnight, I'll push to go home then. The hospital sucks! The economy is killing everyone, and it was obvious here this week. The Child Life playroom is PATHETIC. They don't have a single baby/toddler toy that she would like. The toys they do have are all broken or missing pieces. It's really depressing. Thank goodness my husband brought a bunch of her toys when he came last night!

In less icky news, I am taking Monkey to the circus today. We were given the tickets by a friend who is taking her kids. That should be fun! I hope so, I am so dang tired that I might fall asleep in the middle. ;)


The VW's said...

Hope you get home soon and she starts doing better! HUGS and PRAYERS!!!

connie said...

Oh, I hope you get home soon.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so sorry. There are no words to really describe what living in a hospital with your sick child is like.
THinking of you, I really mean that friend.

Lacey said...

Were the heck have I been? I didn't even know you were in the hospital. What hospital do you go to because I know your in SoCal?