Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shouldn't we get a break at some point?

It's two days before Christmas, as though I don't have enough stress already!! The company that delivers Peanuts GI supplies (feeding pump bags, formulas, syringes, etc) went out of business. Our account got transferred to Walgreens Option One HomeCare. They suck. Pure and simple.

First off, they are about 90 miles from here. They refuse to just UPS something overnight, they insist on courriers. They always manage to arrive at 9pm, when Peanut is always asleep, just in time to ring the doorbell and make the dogs go crazy.

I was supposed to get a delivery last week, but I forgot about it. It didn't show up, and I forgot to call and check on it. So when I opened the last bag for Peanut's feeding pump on Sunday, I said "Oh sh*t" and freaked. I called first thing Monday morning (yesterday) to Walgreens. I said that I was OUT of supplies, and needed them ASAP. They assured me that they would deliver them last night, so I wouldn't have a lapse. I did not trust them, so thankfully I washed out that nights feed bag to reuse last night.

This morning I realized that they didn't come last night. I called first thing this morning, and was told "It was raining wasn't it? That delayed the delivery until today". Uhm, no, it wasn't raining .... and I wasn't aware that special needs kids don't NEED supplies in the rain.

She promised the supplies would be here today. So the guy drives up at 7:30 this evening, and my husband goes out to sign for the stuff. Brings it in and I see that it's Neocate Junior, not Neocate Infant. It will make Peanut puke non-stop. I run out to the driveway and catch the guy as he's leaving. Explain the mistake to him. He says "Oh, well how old is she? She's not an infant is she?". Because he is obviously a medical doctor. Or a pharmacist. I don't know, but certainly not just a stupid delivery guy.

I quickly assured him that this formula would mess with her fragile metabolic disorder and send her to the ER in less than 48 hours. He said "Damn. Well, you'll have to call the office in the morning and have them send the right stuff". Thanks for the tip.

I am such a sarcastic bitch sometimes. I told him that I was sure I would be seeing him tomorrow because I have only one can of formula left, so I would be out by Christmas Day. I'm sure he'd rather deliver it on Christmas Eve than Christmas Day? I told him I'd let his boss decide.

LOL Poor kid. I'm sure HE didn't pack the stuff up and decide what formula to grab. But seriously, do I need anymore stress???

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