Thursday, December 18, 2008

Amazing Changes

Sometimes my Peanut seems to get stuck in a rut developmentally. This is so discouraging. It makes me want to drop out of therapy, stop going to all those damned appointments, and give up. It makes me want to just love her the way she is and be happy with where we are.

Then we have times like the current. She is doing SO good right now. She is getting better and better at walking in the reverse walker at therapy. They think that within another 2 months or so she'll be good enough to start the process of getting her one that is hers! That is amazing to me. I never ever thought she'd walk like that. The gait trainer I knew she could do, and she is AWESOME in it. But a reverse walker seemed so hard. She is getting it!!

Sensory-wise she is making some great advances as well. She is touching things with very little resistance, and sometimes reaching out and touching them herself! She has always been the most sensory defensive little peanut. Now when her teacher puts sensory things on the table in the classroom, she reaches right out and touches them. she still does not ever actually pick them up, but she touches them!! That is huge for her. :)

Another area of growth is feeding, although it doesn't seem like it. She can totally chew and swallow if you force food into her mouth. The problem has always been that if she doesn't chew the food, she would gag on it and choke until she threw up. She has finally learned how to spit it out! So although she's not actually EATING anything more than before, she has developed a new oral skill. It's a great step!

My peanut doesn't talk, except to say Mom. She does however make sounds, however not very many. The last few weeks though she is non-stop babbling! She squeels and it is so danged cute. I went to her class for a holiday party today, and everyone there is so in love with her! She was "talking" up a storm, and they were just enamored.

Everyone falls in love with this amazing being. I am SO blessed to be her Mom!!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Oh I love it when they do this!!!!!
Way to go peanut!!!

Kristi said...

AWESOME!!!! Great job, Peanut!
Still looking so forward to meeting you and getting our girls together!

Princess Abigail said...

Hey Peanut, congratulations on being such a star!!! Isn't it wonderful to surprise the world with all the new things we learn to do??!! Good girl peanut! And tell your Mama that the clothes she sent are OUT OF THIS WORLD - Mama is still doing dances around the front room cos she thinks they are so lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful achievements! Woohoo for Peanut!

Merry Christmas!