Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Break!

Winter break starts today. We have no school for two weeks. It's raining, and supposed to rain for the next few days. I foresee some pajama days in our future! :) I am glad for the break from school and to just relax.

Now if Emily could just get a break from these damn seizures .... life would be good.


Zoey's mom said...

We too are off for 2 weeks.So looking forward to it.

I really hate that Emily is struggling even more, with her seizures.To say that sucks,is an understatement.And,I am certain the "damn" in " damn seizures" could be replaced with another wordmy personal favorite ... but we'll keep it G rated and I'll leave it at that.

I still am so disappointed in your follow up appt.Did you ever try to leave a message for the doctor like i suggested.Or go to the main web page at UCLA under neurology and email him directly.I seem to have the best results with that.That way you circumvent the oh so charming ladies at the front desk.

Thinking of you and sending Emily prayers.

Michelle and Sean said...

Hope winter break is a lot of fun!!

So sorry Emily is still struggling with so many seizures. I was hoping that something would work for her. Still praying for ou guys.

Lacey said...

Man, you guys get off early, we don't get off until the 22nd. Yes, they push it all the way!

Junior said...

Our break started today also. Junior can't wait for Abby to come hang out with him.
Sorry to hear the seizures are still a big issue. Lots of prayers that you can get some answers.
Have a great holiday.

Colleen said...

I hear ya, it will be nice to get a break from school and therapies for awhile. I hope you can get a much needed break from those seizures!

Sara said...

So sorry about Emily...
Ugh, this rain. Is driving me crazy...but I keep being thankful that a.) it's NOT snow
and b.) I am not teaching for 2 weeks and could've been stuck in my classroom with 24 five year olds!

Love the decorated wheelchair :)