Sunday, August 1, 2010

Here comes the bride ...

My husband has a few friends that he has known since middle school and high school still, and one of them got married last night. My hubby was a grooms man. It was so much fun, and he looked so good in his tux! We all got dressed up and went, it was a lot of fun. The bride and groom are both such goofy, fun people. :) Princess Peanut looked beautiful of course, and Monkey looked like such a little man. He got many compliments on his hair, LOL.

This picture was prompted by Monkey. He has to "pose" for pictures now, I am always trying to convince him to just smile and look cute.

Like this! :)

Yes, my husband is the short one on the end. ;)

Wasn't this beautiful!

Wearing dad's tuxedo coat after the ceremony.

My husband and a bridesmaid dancing their way into the reception.

Giving his speech.

Dancing! She loves to dance. She hops around and bobbles her head. :)

The only bad part was that the colored strobe lights at the dance area gave Peanut repeated small seizures. So we walked away from that area and mingled with other people we knew in high school. Yes, that was a long time ago! :)

It was a lot of fun! I was not excited about going to begin with, because Peanut is not always quiet and content. She goes to bed by 7:00 most nights, and the wedding didn't start until 5:00. We left around 10:00, and she was STILL doing good! It was a huge relief and we just had a great time as a family. It felt so NORMAL. :)


Lacey said...

Oh my gosh her hair is getting so long! Don't you love having short hubbys!!

Becky said...

Weddings are my favorite! Where was the picture of YOU? :)

Emma said...

Wow your girl looks great! and so do the rest of the family... looks like you had loads of fun!! (and just in case you didn't see my reply to your comment on my blog, I'm sure that I am the Emma you used to chat to on CB)

Alicia said...

Awww, everybody is so great looking!! Just wish we had a picture of you all dolled up! ;-)

Glad everyone had a good time and Peanut did so well, aside from the strobe light causing seizures.

Heather said...

Beautiful day.Peanut looked darling and love her hair!

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Cathy said...

Sooooo beautiful, thank you for sharing your time out with your family with us. I also love, love that necklace. I have seen them before and one day maybe I will get one.
We will be seeing Urinary tomorrow. annabel's dilation worked for a little over 2months and now she is holding about 400 in her bladder. That is the highest ever. But good new no infections since dilation/and the prophalctic dose of Bactrim. She will wet but they are like less than 100 and then we get residuals up to 240 or 260 plus. Yuck! Is the mitranoff still a good choice for you???

Junior said...

beautiful pictures, love. Peanut looks so pretty.