Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rough Morning

So far this has been a rough morning, and it's only 9am! :( Monkey woke up really sore. He is having a hard time swallowing at all, and now he says his tongue feels like it's burning. I assume they use clamps during the surgery to keep the tongue out of the way, as there's a cut and a sore on one spot that I can see. Monkey is tongue tied though, so he can't stick his tongue out very far so I can't see much.

He has had two popsicles so far, and his meds. He says nothing else goes down. We've tried jello, baby food bananas, and ice cream. These things were all fine yesterday, so today is starting out worse.

I told him we just need to be sure he eats popsicles all day and is peeing. I'm worried about dehydration, since he won't eat or drink anything except the popsicles.

This is rough! The ENT had told me that 8 or 9 is the age where a tonsillectomy starts getting harder than it is for little kids. Monkey is almost 10, so I guess it's normal for a rough recovery.

Cross your fingers that I can keep him hydrated and ease his pain some!


Lacey said...

Keeping my fingers crossed. This is what we went through with Mondo!

Janet said...

Hope today get's better. I'm sorry to hear he's having a rough time.

The VW's said...

Poor guy! Hope it starts to get better for him! I'll be praying! Love and Hugs!!!

Linds said...

poor guy! Have you thought about pedialytle popsicles? I know that he's older, but at least it would have the electrolytes to stave off dehydration. Just a thought.

Kiera Beth said...

I am sorry to hear it has been rough. I have been thinking of you guys. I hope that he is doing better now and drinking more :)