Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does anyone need a Passy-Muir Valve?

I used to run a parent support group for parents of special needs kids. Because of that, I have lots of supplies that people didn't know what to do with. Most of them I have found good homes for. This one, I have not.

I have an aqua blue Passy-Muir valve. It is a Trach/Vent Swallowing and Speaking valve. PMV 007 valve. 15mm I.D. 22mm O.D. Dual Taper

It has a matching aqua little storage box, and the booklet. It is in the fancy little ziplock bag it came in.

Does anyone need/want this?? I'd be happy to mail it to you!


memorysdaughter said...

Hi - I live in Michigan and was wondering if you could send me the speaking valve.

Alicia said...

Yay, we can't use it but I am glad someone can!

memorysdaughter said...

I just realized that I didn't leave my email address... please email me and let me know what information you need:

memorysdaughter (at) gmail (dot) com.