Friday, February 5, 2010

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Monkey that is, not Peanut.

His sleep study results are in. He was only in REM sleep for 9% of his sleep time, normal is 25-40% according to the pediatrician. He had multiple episodes of "arousal" - their word for sitting up and talking in his sleep without waking up. He had numerous apneic episodes in which his O2 levels dropped.

So now we go to the ENT, and get his tonsils and adnoids taken out. Hopefully that will solve the problems. Now to get this kid through surgery. He has the highest anxiety levels of any 9 year old I've ever met. He was literally hyperventilating today when I was talking to him about it, over the thought of getting an IV.

Cross your fingers that we can get this taken care of quickly!


Alicia said...

Oh man! Your poor kiddos just can't catch a break!

All I can say is "Versed!!" for Monkey's anxiety. Every time we have to take Marissa in for any procedure, even a bronchoscopy, we always request Versed for her as soon as we get settled. Calms her right down. Too bad it is not available for doctor's office visits!

I'll be praying that Monkey can get this taken care of quickly!

Becky said...

I can't blame is NOT fun. I really, really hope this helps him to sleep better! Praying for you.

HennHouse said...

Oh, I hope it works... kids really need all the sleep they can get!

And how much sleep are you getting?!

Hugs to you!

Junior said...

Hope all goes well with surgery.

Thanks for the blog comment, I use for the blog headers. and for the backgrounds.

Michelle and Sean said...

Oh I am so sorry monkey has sleep apnea. Taveon has it too and he got his adnoids out and tonsils. He still has apnea unfortunately. Taveon has other issues though too so it plays a part. I hope this all works for him.

We will keep him in our prayers.

Lacey said...

Oh I never would have thought it was obstructive. I know at our hospital they put the IV in after they are asleep!

Clerk said...

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