Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Home from the ER

We're home. The ER thinks that his Ambien needs to be stopped immediately, which I agree with. Unfortunately, he has serious sleep apnea. The ENT can't get us in for 3-4 weeks to remove his tonsils and adnoids, and then says he thinks that will only have a 50/50 chance of helping his apnea. His tonsils are hardly enlarged at all. He wants to try it first though before resorting to CPAP. My thinking is that he needs CPAP now - while we want those weeks! The ER guy agreed, and said sending a kid home with a sleep study as bad as his was is not right. I have to call the pediatrician at 8am and get in tomorrow for a follow-up and to figure out what we are doing next.

So here's what we think happened. The Ambien caused dizziness and while running in PE, he fell. He got up and ran again and fell .. over and over. Why the hell the PE teachers didn't notice this, I don't know. I will for sure be talking to the principal tomorrow! When he fell, he hit his head and got a concussion and a some sprained fingers.

The poor dude was so disoriented, throwing up (trying to, past his fundoplication), babbling nonsense, hardly able to walk. It was really scary. Luckily the CT scan showed no damage. They were really concerned for a while which freaked me out.

He is home and sleeping now. They gave him Ativan, and told me that he was okay to sleep. Hopefully he'll wake up feeling better. Bummer thing is that he was supposed to start tennis lessons today.


Bellismom said...

It's amazing how the people who are supposed to be taking care of our children (doctors and PE teachers in this instance) can be so inept sometimes. Hoping ou get some answers soon!

Becky said...

WOW! That is scary. Sorry you went through that. Hope you are able to get him in as soon as possible.

Alicia said...

Oh goodness! Poor kiddo. I'm hoping and praying this gets better for Monkey soon.

Lacey said...

yeah i think its right to start the c-pap. Removing the tonsils never seems to help to much! Hope this all gets sorted out soon!

ParkerMama said...

Talk to the Principal, asap!

My heart hearts just reading that your guy was trying to throw up with that fundo. :(

Parker shares the apnea issues. His is from his upper airway closing down on him when he sleeps.

The VW's said...

Poor guy! Glad to hear that he is doing better though.

I would definitely fight for the CPAP! Why wait?.....that sounds crazy!

Hope you got some good sleep after your scary day! LOVE AND HUGS!!!

Michelle and Sean said...

Yikes!! Thats way scary!

I hope you guys can figure something out so that he can get some good rest. I'm glad there wasn't any damage shown on the CT.

You guys are in our prayers!

connie said...

Wow, scary. I'm so glad he's ok and has been cleared to sleep.