Monday, October 13, 2008

Finances and Special Needs

It is NOT cheap to raise a special needs child. Yes, we get free health insurance for her. Yes, her therapies are free. That doesn't mean that everything else is. Even though we get IHSS for her, it is not enough. Driving back and forth to appointments, therapies, meetings ... the simple fact that I can not get a job. Not that I would want to work and put my children in daycare, but we are so close to "not making it" financially that I have to consider it. It's not possible for me to hold a job due to Peanut, but life isn't listening to that.

We need to get her a new bed. This one - - is PERFECT! I found a cheaper one near us, but the arms of the bed slope downwards and she could climb over them when she's on her knees. This one linked above, THANK YOU TAMARA, would be I*D*E*A*L for my Peanut. (For those of you that really KNOW me and my Peanut, you know why this bed is even MORE perfect! Please don't comment with personal information however)

So now what? What good does that do me? I have a mattress already. I have room in her bedroom. But I don't have that kind of money.

What I do have is an eBay store, that is trying to stay afloat. What I need is a miracle.

It is sad to me that as parents we are not only dealing with the physical and mental and emotional side of dealing with a gorgeous but disabled child, but also drowning financially. :(


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I pray you can get the help you need for this bed. It doesnt make sense to have to deal with so much emotionally, physically, and mentally, and on top of it all struggle financially.
Our state (Il) has Dept of Specialized Care for Children DSCC. They help with many things, not sure if they would help with a bed, but maybe your state has somthing like this you could look into.

The VW's said...

Praying that this works out for you!!!

Our Journey said...

hi! i have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, i think i found it off of jessicas. anyways! we are in your position here but not to same extent.. things were alot harder on us until i ran into someone who knew the ins and outs of all the programs that are offered. what state do you live in? in texas if your child has traditional medicaid you can set up a contract with them for gas mileage reimbursement. its like 58 cents a mile.. this helps us tremendously! we usually end up with more than what we pay in gas.. just something to look into! maybe we can "Chat" sometime and i can tell you what i know.. it may be nothing new to you but hey we might get lucky!!

hang in there!


Tamara said...

Will be praying for the Lord to bless you in His mysterious ways! I am so glad that this will work for you! The Lord knows our needs...He will work it out for you and PEANUT! Thinking of you! Tam