Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jacob's 11th birthday

I cannot believe my baby is eleven! I can't believe I am old enough to have an 11 year old! Wow. He had a Harry Potter themed party on Saturday and it was a good time. It was the most relaxed, calm party he's ever had. He only invited 5 kids, and it was calm and they just played and went to the park for a while. We did a pinata, and make your own potion station (little containers from Ikea and different colored Sixlets candy). He chose meatballs in my "special sauce" as he calls them, hotdogs cut up in bbq sauce, hawaiian sweet rolls, and every flavor of Takis chips. We had a Harry Potter cake and double brownie ice cream. I realized that you can tell your kid is growing up when instead of a bunch of toys as presents, he gets Itunes and Target gift cards! Then this morning, which is his actual birthday, he left for Seattle with my in-laws for a week. I'm going to miss him!


Zoey's mom said...

Are we sure Jacob and Jake were not separated at birth??Robotic's and Legos and now Harry Potter ... we went to make a summer to do list and Jake says,"Harry Potter Theme Park!"Oh how I wish we could go ..

Glad he had a great day.No one deserves it more than he.What a great kid and an awesome,patient,understanding brother he is!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful and brave Jacob. I am glad that his day was special and hope the rest of his summer is a joyous one!

Happy Birth Day to you, too!


The Boy is eleven too. here did the time go. Love the cake and pinata and the happiness on Jacobs face.