Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

My computer had a seriously nasty virus and it took weeks to get it fixed. Today though, I am sitting here typing on Miss Piggy (my lapto0p is pink). I am relieved to say that all my photos were saved!!!! Thank heavens.

My peanut is doing great right now, for the most part! We have a recipe from the dietician of baby food and cereal. I mix it up at night, and we split it into three boluses during the day. Then she gets formula/fluids at night. Her recipe includes baby meat, veggies, fruit, cereal, and some extra things she needs. She is tolerating it just fine!

You cannot imagine how much I love mixing her food up. I get such a thrill every time I go to the grocery store and buy baby food. I have always wanted to feed her. Even though it's not going in her mouth, I am happy that she is getting normal food.

The only problem is that it's constipating her, even if I use prunes as the fruit eery other day. We are working on that issue.

In therapy she's doing great! We are working on walking in the reverse walker still. She still hates holding on to it, but she is great at stepping. We stand her up against the wall and let go, she is doing good at that. I'll have to take a picture soon!!

This is short because I have a ton to catch up, and so much going on. I am chairing the talent show at Monkey's school, and it is a TON of work.

I am so happy to be typing on Miss Piggy, and back here blogging!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome back! :-)

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Glad you are back. Alex has been eating really good lately and isnt pooping. Its the lesser of the evils, but Im miss me some poopy diapers.

shan said...

Glad you're back! I love that you named your laptop Miss Piggy too:)

The VW's said...

Good hearing from you again! Glad to hear that Peanut is doing well!