Monday, November 24, 2008

The pictures & video you have been waiting for!

This is my amazing Peanut! The one that had an 18 minute cardiac arrest once upon a time. The one that we were told "If she survives, it will be in a vegetative state". The one that has time and time again proved them WRONG! :)
She is in no way proficient at this new walker. She has collapsed completely a time or two, because there is no seat or straps. She has to stand up and support her weight her with hands/arms all on her own. And she DOES it!!
God is good. :)


hennhouse said...

Don't you just love being able to say the words, "proved them wrong" over and over again? My Esther-Faith has a reverse Kaye walker. I love that she uses it... and "proves them wrong."

Blessings to you today.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Oh, and she looked up at you and smiled so proud!!!!!!
Love it, Love it, Love it!

Marissa said...

Hooray Peanut!!

I love how you are so proud of yourself. Keep it up girl!


Christy said...

Whoo Hoo Peanut! I'm so glad for her achievements! I'll look forward to hearing more good news in the future! Blessings, Christy

The VW's said...

Wow! Look at her go! She looks so proud of herself and happy! I'm SO proud of you Peanut! Great job! Thanks for brightening my day! And, I agree with you, God IS Good! Happy Thanksgiving to your wonderful family!

shan said...

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I love in the last picture how you can see just how much she is proud of herself, and rightfully so! BIG girl! Brought a huge smile to my face:)

BTW, shorts! I want to come and visit you! It's been Uggs, jeans and sweaters here for over a month now! We need to sit and listen to Sublime together and talk about how awesome our kids are...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed!